Wedding Ceremony

Whether you are looking into a Legal Wedding or re vows your wedding in Bali, We will guide you every step of the way to make it as simple as possible.

Full Legal Wedding

You will experience two types of ceremonies, Religious ceremony and followed by the civil ceremony. The religious part will be conducted

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Religious Wedding

A religious ceremony must be performed before the civil ceremony. Therefore, those who have already been legally married

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Commitment Style Wedding

This ceremony is performed to declare your vows in front of your guests using your own special

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Renewal Vow

Renewal Vows are the re-declaration of wedding vows. The process is not much different from a religious wedding

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Flash Wedding

The flash!! Is a very common word, specially for children. The Flash is a cartoon film where the hero can change everything

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Balinese Blessing

Many couple who are already legally married or some reason don’t want to be legally married in Bali

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